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Orange Madison Cooperative, based out of Orange, Virginia, has been a supporter of the community, dedicated to providing quality products and superior service at the best possible value since its establishment in 1933. Eleven board members currently serve the Orange Madison Cooperative. The value of agriculture to your family, to ours, to our immediate community and surrounding regions cannot be overstated. What started from a small group of Orange County farmers splitting supplies that were delivered by rail car to a nearby railroad station, has grown into a versatile, self-sustainable company capable of providing services in agronomy, energy, animal health, and farm supplies in three locations spread across Central Virginia.


Our first store in Orange, Virginia, was built in 1935 and was closely followed by our second location in Madison, Virginia in 1937. Both locations consisted of a warehouse and a mill. Two decades after our first location was established, a third location was added in the town of Gordonsville, Virginia. Over the years, new facilities have been built and updated to accommodate the cooperatives growing business.

In 1977, the Madison location was moved to its’ current location on North Main Street in Madison, Virginia. A decade later, our Orange store made its final relocation to James Madison Highway in Orange, Virginia. The Gordonsville location closed in 1997 leading to Orange Madison Cooperative leasing the Louisa Feed Service in Louisa, Virginia. At the time, the facility was owned by the Marshall Family. It wasn’t until 2017 that Louisa Feed Service was purchased by Orange Madison Cooperative officially adding it as the company’s third location. Today, all three store and warehouse locations offer services in agronomy, farm supply, and animal nutrition.

In 1991, Orange Madison Cooperative entered a management agreement with Southern States Cooperative located in Richmond, Virginia. Southern States provided services to OMC including accounting, IT, Human Resources, and Safety. Two years later, the Orange Madison Cooperative established a propane operation. In 2006, the Cooperative purchased Carlton Brook Petroleum, a refined fuels distributor. This was a Southern States private dealer located in Charlottesville, Virginia which is currently home to our petroleum division. In 2013, Orange Madison Cooperative purchased UTZ & Shepherd Fuel Oil Business in Madison County, Virginia aiding in the expansion of the Cooperative’s energy service department.  Today, the cooperative provides energy services out of our Orange location and supplies petroleum out of our Charlottesville facility.

Drawing of one of the Orange-Madison Cooperative locations.
Drawing of one of the Orange-Madison Cooperative locations.

OMC Timeline


Orange Store Was Built

Our first store was built in Orange, Virginia close to our Madison location that was later built in 1937.


Madison Location Moved

Location moved to North Main Street in Madison, Virginia.


Orange Store Relocated

The Orange Location made its final move to James Madison Highway.


Southern States Cooperative Agreement

OMC enters a management agreement with Southern States Coop to provide them with accounting, IT, human resources, and safety.


Carlton Brook Petroleum Acquired

Orange Madison purchases Carlton Brook as part of the readily expanding energy service department.


UTZ & Shepherd Fuel Oil Purchased

Acquired as part of the energy service department's expansion.


Louisa Feed Service Purchased

Orange Madison officially acquires LFS as the company's third location.


Joins GROWMARK, Inc. as a Member Cooperative

In this agreement, GROWMARK provides OMC with crop inputs, fuels, propane, and a variety of customer support and marketing services.


Southern States Agreement is Dissolved

OMC dissolves management agreement with Southern States Cooperative and internalizes accounting, IT, human resources, and safety services.

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